Sunday, December 29, 2013

Foods for STAMINA

1. Beans: beans are good sources of Minerals and Iron. So it helps to increase the red blood cells. as we know Red blood cells helps us to carry the oxygen to heart and muscles.

2 Coffee: coffee gives instant energy and makes our body active quickly.

3 Green Leafy Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables provides good amount of proteins to our body and also it increases the red blood cells count. As they are rich in fiber it boosts the digestive system and helps to increase the glucose levels in the blood.

4. Banana: bananas are rich in potassium , we have to include the foods in our diet the which are high in potassium because it provides the sufficient minerals required for the body and also increases our concentration power on work.

5. Peanut (Ground Nut): peanuts are rich in omega fatty acids that helps our body to bear and minimize any pains. Bananas boosts the brain active and monetize the heart health.

6 Meat : Meat likes fishes, chicken are the rich sources of proteins as it helps to strengthen the muscles, so it is important include meat in our diet.

7. Red Grapes : Red grapes have resverotal that helps us to get energy instantly and also it have the less amount of sugar that boost the energy to our body

8. Beet root juice : Beet root have rich sources of vitamin A and Vitamin C. It actives the body and gives maximum amount of energy to the body from being tired.

9. Quinoa grain crop: It contains good amount of Magnesium, potassium, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and fiber that helps to get instant energy and makes the body active.

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